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Licensed in Maryland, State Master with 50 years of experience. 


MLP Enterprises Inc., services all major brands of Heat Pumps, Air Conditioners, Oil and Gas Furnaces and Boilers.
Preventative Maintenance requires full system efficiency testing with before and after results in a written efficiency reports for your convenience.
Keep your coils clean vs. paying to repair or replace the system.
Get your ducts inspected to find out what is wrong before your pay to repair it. 

Duct Cleaning

You should typically have your ducts cleaned every two years.

A lack of maintaining your dryer vents are a leading cause of house fires, maintenance could also decrease drying time.

Have your ducts inspected for mold and odor removal as well indoor air quality. Our technicians will evaluate the problem, plan your repair, then test to assure your repair is effective and complete.


For information on the duct cleaning process and other related information please visit:


Energy Auditing

Find out where your Energy dollars are going, then repair the recommended issues to make your home energy efficient, and save you money!


Get rebates on energy saving repairs by enrolling in this HPwES program. With your Home Energy Audit you will get a full home diagnostic, and detailed report of our auditor's findings.


For a list of Maryland Energy Efficiency Programs, please visit:

Tankless Water HEaters

We work with well known brands to get you a tankless water heater you can trust.

Flat rate pricing for installs.

Make sure to have your water heater serviced and maintained to prolong the life of your tankless water heater. 

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